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About Us

Based in Pensacola, Florida, Become Your Best offers valuable coaching and mentoring services. We help clients better their lives. We teach individuals how to set goals, build teams, manage time, and more. Clients also have the ability to participate in our development programs. Each of our programs is designed to change how people work and think. In the end, each individual will know how to reach different goals and be a better person.

Mr. Mike Hodges


Meet Our Owner

The founder of our company is Mike Hodges. Mike is a Thinking Into Results (TIR) consultant, who is affiliated with the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI). The TIR program has helped him combine his experience in contract administration, employee training, sales, and business administration with his passion for personal growth and development.

Mike uses the same tools used by Bob Proctor, an industry leader in personal development. These techniques assist clients with improving their performance in all aspects of life. He customizes his program to fit each client's unique needs, so they can achieve the results they desire. Individuals will also be able to answer several key questions, such as

Why can't I achieve my goals?
Why do I progress for short periods of time and then revert to my previous behaviors?
How can I meet and exceed my goals and make lasting, permanent, and positive changes in my life?

Past Careers

Mike holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Frostburg State University and a Master's degree in Management from Florida State University.  He has spent most of his professional career in the insurance sector in both the government and private sector. Mike has worked as a federal government contract specialist and program analyst, an agent for a private health and life insurance agency, and an office manager for an independent medical practice.

PGI was formed by Bob Proctor, a legendary leader in the personal development industry for over 50 years. Bob Proctor started PGI with his former student, Sandy Gallagher. PGI's mission is to share the secrets of personal and business growth and development that Bob has showcased during his remarkable career. Mike is proud to be affiliated with PGI as a certified Thinking Into Results (TIR) consultant.

Seminars & Training Sessions

Let Mike work with your employees or students. He is available for speaking engagements, seminars, and training sessions. He can work with clients individually or in groups. Contact us today to learn more about his services.

"I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the program when I started. My "logical" mind had a hard time accepting some of the concepts that Mike presented. But with his guidance (and a lot of patience) I came to understand that the concepts were perfectly logical. Mike was able to connect the "theory" of the PGI principles to real-world application, and in doing so, taught me that all the "logic" that I was holding on to so tightly was a result of several deeply ingrained paradigms that I had developed over the years. Mike has shown me how to free myself from the barriers that I have placed on my own potential, and that it's actually possible to "re-program" my thinking in order to live a more successful life. This has been a remarkable discovery, and the implications impact every part of my life including work, relationships, and self-image. I will forever be grateful to Mike for walking me through this process, and I am convinced that every person can benefit from his mentorship!"

- Zac M. (Pensacola, Florida)